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"Dr. Bobba is a great example of the perfect dentist. Her manners and the proximity of the practice is outstanding."


"Dr. Bobba is gentle and explains the procedure as it is done. She has convenient hours of operation and a flexible schedule."


"Dr. Bobba provides me with all the information I need to make decisions regarding dental procedures."


"Dr. Bobba is truthful, considerate, and takes time with me and my teeth. I appreciate the cleanliness of the office and enjoy the personality of doctor and staff."


"Dr. Bobba is patient, gentle, and a good listener. She explains procedures thoroughly in terms I can understand. She is knowledgeable about current dental methods."


"Dr. Bobba works with me in a partnership to improve my dental health. For example, giving suggestions and providing alternatives when it is not feasible to follow the suggestions. Her office is ideally located. Dr. Bobba is very experienced."


"Dr. Bobba is great!! That's why I keep coming back! She is someone that takes her time to check my teeth and do dental work. She doesn't rush through. She is someone that tells me honestly the work that I need to get done and doesn't try to rip me off."


"Dr. Bobba is a dentist who is there for you when you have a serious issue. She is someone who takes time to know me as a patient. She has great staff to support her."


"Dr. Bobba is the perfect dentist. She has a good balance of technical knowledge and great character."


"Dr. Bobba is sensitive when you are in pain and understands you as a patient."


"Dr. Bobba does not push cosmetic treatment when not needed and is aware of what is going on with my teeth before it is too late. She is great with kids."


"Dr. Bobba is very polite and takes excellent care of my teeth. Her office maintains a very high quality of care."


"Dr. Bobba explains well what is going on. She minimizes pain and fear. They have a good front office and billing staff."


"Dr. Bobba is a dentist that explains any work to be done and suggests how to prevent future dental problems."


"The office is ideally located. Dr. Bobba treats the entire family."


"Dr. Bobba provides pro-active preventive care. She is someone who gets to know her patients and helps them work through their fears."

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